Modeling Cognition

Our goal is to understand how the mind works.

People in our lab help move the field of cognitive science. We describe human cognition by modeling its output and process through precise, computational, predictive descriptions. Because humans exist in society, we show how cognition and communication allow us to function as teams and in networks. Our projects are focused on models that can explain human behavior for testing human-computer interfaces, to understand network formation, how moderators such as caffeine and stress influence behavior, and to serve as colleagues and opponents in simulations. Our cognitive simulations show how the human mind interacts with networked teams and communities and how these evolved properties give rise to emergent group cognition. We support this work with software to build models more easily, record behavior, and to build tutors, and through courses related to cognitive science and IST in general.

Feel free to access our growing list of papers for your own interests. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Lab Directors:  Dr. Frank Ritter,  Dr. David Reitter